Welcome to Baxter Lago, a Lake Como-side furnishings showcase


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Images: Gianluca Vassallo and Francesco Mannironi

Welcome to Baxter Lago, an Italian home furniture showcase at Lake Como

Italian style dwelling Baxter invites us into its dwelling, the perfect showcase for its 2022 collections of indoor and out of doors home furniture models


In partnership with Baxter

Born of a appreciate of natural supplies and a burning wish to continue on the high-quality traditions of furnishings structure and production excellence, Baxter is the brainchild of two Italian business people, Luigi and Paolo Bestetti. With a portfolio of contributing designers that incorporates Christophe Delcourt, Paola Navone, Draga & Aurel, Studiopepe and Roberto Lazzeroni, Baxter provides collections influenced by the generations-previous craft that thrives in the creatively fertile land all over Lake Como.

Overlooking the gentle hills all over the lake, Baxter Lago, an early 20th-century residence, is a showcase delivering a glimpse of what it’s like to dwell with the company’s 2022 home furniture collection, which sees its designs extend to out of doors furnishings for the very first time.

A warm welcome

’Fany’ table by Christophe Delcourt. ’Nuvola’ lamps by Draga & Aurel

At Baxter Lago’s entrance, the ‘Fany’ table by Delcourt is illuminated by two ‘Nuvola’ lamps by Draga & Aurel that descend in fibreglass undulations from the ceiling, bringing a perception of movement to the place.

To the proper, in the study, is Delcourt’s ‘Joni’ desk and bookcase. To the remaining, Draga & Aurel’s ‘Barret’ armchairs, and a ‘Lazybones Lounge’ armchair in gentle sheepskin, by Studiopepe, are organized all-around ‘Tebe’ and ‘Liquid’ espresso tables. 

Shifting into the residing space, a ‘Himani’ rug, unique in its handmade weaves, hosts the marble-topped ‘Thalatha’ espresso table by Studiopepe and the alpaca finishes of the a few ‘Allure’ coffee tables. 

’Clara’ sofa by Christophe Delcourt. ’Thalatha’ espresso table by Studiopepe. ’Allure’ facet table. ’Himani G’ rug

The chromatic scale, with its shades of blue, invitations website visitors to the house’s peony- and wisteria-scented outside area, the windows refracting environmentally friendly and crystalline colours of the backyard.  

Meanwhile, the gentle ellipsis of the stairs potential customers to an open corridor and the great serenity of the bedrooms. In a person home, learn the monumental ‘Nairobi’ table in black ash by Roberto Lazzeroni. In yet another, see the Zen lightness of the ‘Stone’ mattress by Federico Peri, revisited for this selection in a shade of blue that recollects the sky.

Baxter’s outdoor furnishings debut

‘Dharma’ stool (left) and ’Narciso’ sofa and armchair by Studiopepe

On the terrace, Studiopepe’s ‘Narciso’ sofas, portion of a series that incorporates armchairs and dormeuses, are excellent for company and cocktails.

Baxter stimulates us with resources to contact – clean, velvety, rough and shining surfaces. It proposes an plan of ​​beauty that is pure, and a analyze on form that is by no means weighty or overstated.

A different accent in the 2022 palette, called Raisin, harmonises with the two the earthy notes of the collection’s chocolate brown and the uplifting strength of its sky tones – all mirrored in the glazed, irregular surface of the ‘Keramikè’ ceramic tables that emerge as compact atolls.

‘Narciso’ dormeuse by Studiopepe. ‘Keramikè’ aspect desk

Around the swimming pool, are pieces from the ‘Himba’ sequence by Lazzeroni in ecru and ivory shades, and ‘Dharma’ by Studiopepe in light-weight blue – daybeds, sofas and armchairs characterised by a generous official dynamism, completed by soft fabric and leather cushions.

The greatest backdrop for the brand’s 2022 assortment, Baxter Lago is a seduction and a overall expertise – a continuing narrative that is Created in Italy. §